Tragic Loss of Life Amid Violent Altercations Near New Philadelphia Stadium

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A profoundly distressing incident has shaken the community, stemming from the chaotic clashes that unfolded outside New Philadelphia stadium following the encounter with Dinamo Zagreb supporters. Heartbreakingly, a young AEK fan has lost their life in the aftermath, as reported by sources from SPORT24.

Alongside this tragic loss, multiple individuals have sustained injuries and are presently under the care of the Red Cross.

The unsettling events, driven by Dinamo Zagreb fans' involvement, have sparked shock and disbelief within the public. The dual altercation that transpired in New Philadelphia on Monday night has generated a sense of unease, gradually revealing the extent of the mayhem.

According to information presented by SPORT24, a young supporter of AEK has succumbed to injuries inflicted by a sharp object. Concurrently, several wounded individuals have been attended to by medical professionals associated with the Red Cross.

Tragic Loss of Life Amid Violent Altercations Near New Philadelphia Stadium 1

Within the hospital premises, a notable police presence can be observed, including personnel from both the MAT unit and security staff. This augmentation of law enforcement personnel aims to prevent escalating the situation. Simultaneously, heightened tension prevails among concerned family members who have flocked to the hospital, yearning for updates on the well-being of the injured victims. It's worth noting that, in contrast to earlier reports, no confirmation has been provided regarding a second fatality of a minor in relation to these events.

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