Anitta is back in Mykonos for a second time this summer! Her kiss with Italian actor Simon Susina

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Anitta once again chose Mykonos for her summer vacation and stayed for a long time on the island.

The Brazilian pop star is taking a break from her professional duties and is spending her summer with her Italian partner and actor, Simone Susinna.

The two have been in a relationship for a short while now, but their love is evident, and they don't care to hide it.

The singer and the actor loved by the public for his participation in the film series "365 Days" chose the beach of Agia Anna for their swims.

Not caring about prying eyes, the couple did not hesitate to exchange passionate kisses in the sea and play with the water.

The lens of Mykonos Live TV spotted them enjoying their lunchtime swim. Of course, all eyes were on the Brazilian sensation, who wore a white bikini, which showed off her figure.

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