Kythira: Drowning victim identified as Gatekeeper of the Holy Tomb of Horaitis Cytherios in Jerusalem


A 79-year-old man pulled dead from the waters of the Feliotis area off Kythira was identified as a local-born Greek Orthodox monk visiting to take a break from his usual duties as the Gatekeeper of the Holy Tomb of Horaitis Cytherios in Jerusalem.

The monk, according to preliminary details, is suspected to have suffered from a heart attack, which ultimately led to his death at the beach.

According to witnesses, the gatekeeper waved his arm in the air, and two Italian doctors pulled him from the water whilst an Australian performed CPR. Ultimately, his life could not be saved.

A source in Kythira told Greek City Times that a decision was not made on where they are burying him as an autopsy needs to occur.

His life

The deceased served God from a young age and knew well the rights of the Greek Orthodox pilgrimages in the Holy Lands, especially to the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

He knew the formalities and cared for the pilgrims visiting the Holy Sepulchre, so they entered the Holy Kuvouklio correctly. Notably, he also explained to them everything related to the Holy Site.

The main thing, however, was that he took care of what belonged to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate so that they would not be trampled by the other communities, as a result of which he was one of the dynamic monks.


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