Ancient Relics from Pre-Civilization Era Uncovered Throughout Greece, Featured in 'Secrets' Documentary

A piece of jewellery the team found; many showed scenes of battle or splendour (Image: Youtube/Smithsonian Channel)

Numerous artifacts from the pre-civilization era have been discovered across Greece, some of which were showcased in the Smithsonian Channel's documentary titled 'Secrets'.

Over a span of 30 years, archaeologists have diligently excavated a historic site in Pylos, located in the southwestern region of Greece. This area is renowned for its collection of tombs that trace back to the time of Greek mythology.

The Palace of the legendary Greek King Nestor has been regarded as a repository of Greece's most profound ancient enigmas.

Archaeology duo Sharon Stoker and Jack Davis, who are married, invested three decades of their lives in this site's exploration. They meticulously uncovered evidence shedding light on the daily existence of the ancient Greeks. In 2015, their focus expanded beyond the confines of the palace walls.

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Ancient Relics from Pre-Civilization Era Uncovered Throughout Greece, Featured in 'Secrets' Documentary 1

Their efforts yielded an unexpected success in an abandoned grove nearby: "We observed several stones on the surface of the ground, prompting us to commence excavation immediately," shared Ms Stoker.

"Mr Davis recounted, 'As we continued our excavation, the outlines of a modestly sized shaft's four walls began to emerge.'"

Following over a week of dedicated digging, the team's efforts yielded an astonishing outcome: the unearthing of a substantial bronze layer. Mr Davis elaborated, "We had reached a depth of around one meter within the shaft, with minimal findings up until that point. Suddenly, we encountered a substantial layer of bronze, signalling a pivotal moment of significance."

This discovery unveiled an extraordinary treasure trove, an unprecedented find that hadn't been encountered anywhere in Greece for over a century.

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Ancient Relics from Pre-Civilization Era Uncovered Throughout Greece, Featured in 'Secrets' Documentary 2

Among the findings were exquisite artifacts crafted from precious metals and minerals, including substantial quantities of gold and silver alongside various gemstones. The significance of this discovery resonates profoundly within the realm of archaeological exploration.

There were also beautifully crafted weapons, armour, stunning gold rings, and jewellery with intricate carvings of heroic scenes."

Such treasure troves almost always hint at a distinguished burial grave, and soon, the team came across the remains of a man.

"He was of moderate stature, between 30 and 35 years old," Ms Stocker said. "His leg bones and his arm bones are slightly bent, which suggests that he was very, very strong."

Images of animals and mythical beasts were found in the man's tomb, similar to the paintings found on nearby palace walls.

The team, inspired by the eagle-headed lion of Greek legend, named the skeleton the 'Griffin Warrior'.

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