Celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with Special Programming on ERT World

The Church of Panayia Evangelistria in Tinos

ERT World honours the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15th with a special lineup of programming that captures the essence of this significant occasion.

Direct Broadcast from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Tinos

Service begins on Tuesday morning at 08:00 (ATHENS) with the Polyarchieratic Co-liturgy live from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Tinos. The ceremony continues with the Procession of the Holy Icon of Our Blessed Lady.

A Journey Through Greek Celebrations - ERT Archive

At 12:30 (ATHENS), enjoy local customs with "This is how Greeks celebrate" featuring the August 15th traditions in Konitsa and the surrounding areas. The celebration highlights the unique and melodic Epirotic music that resonates with the landscape's harmony. Director Takis Sakellariou and Journalist Vicky Tsianika bring this captivating experience to life.

Contemporary Traditional Music - "Hymns to the Virgin Mary - Georgios Patronas"

At 16:00 (ATHENS), experience a musical journey dedicated to the hymnology associated with the revered Virgin Mary. Dr. George Patronas, Protopsaltes and Teacher of Byzantine music at the Department of Music Science & Art, leads this episode. Accompanied by the Byzantine dance group "Evdromountes," the female vocal ensemble "Evneanides," and a vibrant ensemble of young artists from the University of Macedonia, psalms and hymns to the Virgin Mary come to life. Antonios Patronas, the Leading Hymn singer of the Great Church of Christ, adds his voice and guidance to the performance.

A Cinematic Tribute - "The Virgin Mary's Miracle" (1965)

The tribute concludes with the movie “The Virgin Mary’s Miracle” at 18:00 (ATHENS). The story follows Maria Merfati, a determined mother who refuses to accept the loss of her daughter. Set against the backdrop of a shipwreck and a relentless search spanning six years,

the film captures the spirit of hope and reunion. The cast includes Angela Zileia, Thanasis Mylonas, Mairoula Evaggelou, Vangelis Ioannidis, Zannino, and Vicky Moscholiou. Screenplay by Kostas Asimakopoulos and directed by Kostas Strantzalis.

Join ERT World for a Day of Reverence and Celebration

Experience the beauty, tradition, and spirituality of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary through ERT World's special programming on August 15th.

For more information and programming updates, visit www.ert.gr/ertworld

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