Beaches of Attica: Which are the cleanest?

Sounio Beach Attica

An interactive map showing how to clean each beach in the basin is available to the residents of Attica.

The Decentralized Administration of Attica is charged with managing bathing water quality, the methods and procedures related to monitoring water quality and providing information to the public.

The Bathing Beach Monitoring of bathing water quality takes place during the bathing season each year at designated bathing beaches and correspondingly coded sampling points to protect water and public health. Since 2016, the coasts have been monitored by the Water Directorate of the Decentralized Administration of Attica through co-financed projects.

At the disposal of the public is the online and interactive map (in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior), where the results of the measurements made on all the coasts of Attica can be seen every month.

Look at the map below:

The map below works just like the navigation maps. You can focus on the area you are interested in and then see 'tags' with each beach. Clicking on a tag will bring you all the information about that beach. If you click on the link "More information," you will see the results of the analyses.

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