Majority of land sold in north sold to foreigners has Greek Cypriot title deeds

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A recent report indicates that most land being sold to foreign buyers in the northern part of the region is associated with properties holding Greek Cypriot title deeds. Data unveiled at the conclusion of July revealed that out of 4,209 properties listed for sale, only 975 were equipped with Turkish Cypriot title deeds, while the remaining properties had origins tied to Greek Cypriot ownership.

The newspaper Yeni Bakis emphasized that this sales trend appears to encompass virtually every corner of the northern territory, suggesting a widespread availability of properties for purchase. Critiquing the approach taken by the current administration, the newspaper contended that the government's strategy of addressing challenging economic conditions through property sales, largely involving land originally belonging to Greek Cypriots, was being consistently supported in cabinet sessions.

The data analysis further divulged that the available land consisted of 2,677 plots and 1,532 fields, predominantly suitable for development or investment purposes. This distribution accounted for approximately 63.6 per cent in land plots and 36.4 per cent in fields.

A detailed examination of the data presented a breakdown of approximately 13.8 per cent (equivalent to 581 plots) as allocated plots, 11.79 per cent (equivalent to 498 plots) as unspecified land title deeds, and a smaller segment of 1.6 per cent (equivalent to 64 plots) categorized as "other plots." When aggregated, these statistics revealed that a substantial 76.84 per cent of the available properties for sale lacked Turkish Cypriot titles, as the newspaper's analysis underscored.

Regarding geographical distribution, the largest cluster of plots and fields open for sale was concentrated in the Kyrenia area, comprising 1,407 plots. Trikomo followed with 1,169 plots, Famagusta with 784 plots, and Nicosia with 726 plots, while Morphou and Lefka featured fewer plots for sale, totalling 55 and 65 plots, respectively.


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