GNU denies leasing Libya's Al-Khoms port or allowing its use as a military base by foreign parties


Libya's Government of National Unity (GNU) denied that is has leased the port of Al-Khoms or allowing it use a military base by foreign parties or forces on Thursday.

Dbeibeh's government denies handing Khoms port to Turkey to use as military base

This is the government's first official response to rumors about leasing the port to Turkey for 99 years and allowing it open a military base there.

This came in a joint statement by GNU Spokesman Mohamed Hammouda, the head of the Ports and Maritime Transport Authority Mohamed Al-Siwi, and Naval Forces Chief of Staff, Major General Noureddine Al-Bouni.

The three officials said the allegations about leasing the port or using it for foreign military bases were "pure rumors".

Hammouda appealed to the media to investigate credibility and take information from its sources to avoid irritating Libyan public opinion.

Al-Siwi and Al-Bouni stressed that "there is no room for tampering with the port of Al-Khoms," noting that there is a plan to develop the port, in order to increase trade exchanges with neighboring countries and enhance its role in the development of the Libyan economy.

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