MasterChef Winner Irini Tzortzoglou Unveils Greek-Inspired Yiayia Gin in Collaboration with Shed One Distillery

Yiayia Gin c. Shed One lores

MASTERCHEF champion Irini Tzortzoglou has introduced an innovative Greek-inspired gin in collaboration with an award-winning distillery located in the picturesque Lake District.

Crafted by the renowned Shed One micro gin distillery situated in Ulverston, the freshly launched Yiayia Gin boasts the qualities of a classic London Dry gin, meticulously curated with an assortment of botanicals harvested from Tzortzoglou's native island of Crete.

This venture has been skillfully executed by an exclusively female team, as highlighted by Shed One. This approach was motivated by the profound impact that the women who have shaped Tzortzoglou's journey have had on her life. "Yiayia," meaning grandmother in Greek, encapsulates this sentiment.

Yiayia Gin is elegantly packaged in a 500ml glass bottle, retailing for £34.95. With an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 42%, this exquisite creation can be acquired through the Shed One website.

The novel Mediterranean gin boasts a unique blend of elements, including vine, fig, olive, lemon leaves, rose pelargonium, seaweed, mushroom, and oregano. These ingredients harmoniously contribute to a savory undertone within the gin, as thoughtfully conveyed by the experts at Shed One.

A representative from Shed One elucidated, "Yiayia Gin, a quintessential London Dry gin, has been the result of months of dedication from both Irini and Zoe Arnold-Bennett, co-owner and founder of Shed One. Together, they embarked on an exploratory journey to source, experiment, evaluate, and savor a spectrum of botanicals meticulously chosen to invoke the flavors and fragrances of Irini's cherished homeland, Crete."

“The all-female-led creation is a fitting homage to the strong women who have influenced Irini’s path into professional cooking.

“Yiayia, which translates as ‘grandmother’, is a term of endearment and respect and conjures memories of comfort, love, and food to Irini.”

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