One shepherd dead in Prodromos wildfire


An elderly shepherd died on Monday at a wildfire in Prodromos in the Boeotia region earlier in the morning. According to the police, the 80-year-old man rushed to save his sheep after receiving a message to evacuate the village.

"The fire front is huge, and strong winds are blowing. We are trying very hard to control it," the mayor of Thiva, Giorgos Anastassiou, said to AMNA.

According to the mayor, a settlement near the village of Sarantis has already been evacuated after a message was sent via the emergency number 112.

"Currently, the front is less than 1km from the houses, but the winds are powerful. Four helicopters, firefighting forces from land, and municipal machines are operating in the area. It is tough because firefighting aircraft cannot fly with such strong wind," the mayor said.

Meanwhile, the major wildfire in Alexandroupolis continues with unabated intensity for a third consecutive day. According to the Fire Department, the fire was difficult to contain due to the area's strong winds.

The spokesman of the Fire Brigade, Yiannis Artopioos, told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency that the main problem is on two main fronts and mainly in a significant resurgence that has been present since the morning northeast of Nipsa, near Egnatia Odos, which is closed.

On this front, the fire is burning forest near wind turbines, while its wind constantly changes direction, creating harsh conditions.

The second big front is the eastern one, which extends towards the village of Monastiraki, south of Doriskos, which was evacuated on Sunday.

The front towards the outskirts of Alexandroupolis has been in recession since yesterday.

Significant operations have occurred before Nipsa and Monastiraki since early morning. A total of 10 aircraft and seven helicopters operate from the air, one of which has a coordinating role.

Two hundred fourteen firefighters, ten teams of firefighters on foot, and 59 fire engines assisted by strong forces of the army, the region and the municipalities, and volunteers are battling the blaze.

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