Greece's Firefighters Battle Flames for Ninth Day, More Evacuations Ordered

20230828 070103

Firefighters in Greece have been battling flames for a ninth consecutive day, with more residents in the country's northern areas being told to evacuate their homes.
The most significant fire is currently devastating the region of Evros, near the port town of Alexandroupoli and the border with Turkey. On Sunday, residents in the areas of Lefkimmi in Evros and Kassitera in the neighboring region of Rhodopes were ordered to leave their homes.
Dimitris Petrovic, Deputy Regional Governor of Evros, expressed that the situation was very difficult and had caused extensive damage. The region has requested further reinforcements and resources, as the winds are expected to change from Monday.
“We don’t know how and if we will be able to stop the advance of the fire’s front line,” he said.

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