The Greek drone successfully test fired a deadly rocket

Greek UCAV SARISA drone , using the 2.75” Hydra 70 rocket and the FZ90 type,

The successful aerial test firing of the Greek UCAV SARISA drone, using the 2.75” FZ90 (Hydra 70 rocket), is an essential achievement in unmanned systems. The test was carried out at a shooting range belonging to the General Directorate of Equipment.

It is worth noting that this success is a world first, as the Hydra 70 rocket was launched for the first time worldwide from a small, easily transportable drone, reported News Auto.

This fact indicates the increased flexibility and efficiency that uncrewed combat aircraft can offer in the future while at the same time opening new horizons for the development and use of UCAVs in many military and civilian fields.

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Some of the operational capabilities of the Greek drone:

  1. Air Support (ASR): The Greek drone can directly support small military groups during operations.
  2. Attacking surface targets: The system can attack enemy positions and infrastructure using the Hydra 70 guided and simple rockets.
  3. Detection and destruction of moving targets: It can detect and attack moving enemy targets, such as vehicles, with great precision and agility.
  4. Reconnaissance and tracking: The drone can be used to recon, track and assess enemy forces, providing valuable information about the situation on the battlefield.
  5. Critical Infrastructure Patrols and Protection: Can patrol and provide protection at a much lower cost.

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