ATHENS: The price of unleaded gasoline has soared close to €2.30


A little before the end of August, the price of unleaded gasoline in the centre of Athens is reminiscent of... an island since the 2 euros per litre barrier has been breached (and by more).

Specifically, as reported by SKAI, at a gas station in ​​Metaxourgeio, the price of unleaded gasoline reached 2.30 euros per litre. According to the same SKAI report, in several gas stations, the cost of petrol is 2 euros, while unleaded gasoline has exceeded 2 euros per litre.

In the centre of the capital, as can be seen from the report, some gas stations sell the simple unleaded for 2,299 euros per litre. Drivers returning from their vacations find that even in the capital, the prices of liquid fuels are now costly without any explanation.

Mykonos this year also had high prices. The unleaded 95 octanes started from 2.20 and reached up to 2.30 euros per litre, while in Attica, the prices ranged from 1.85 to 2 euros per litre.


How much in Mykonos?

As you will see in the related images of News Auto, the 95 reached 2,295 euros (!), while the simple diesel was sold for 1,936 euros per litre.

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A more excellent feeling is caused by the price of 100 areas, where at a gas station with... affordable prices it reached 2.40 euros per litre while the cost of LPG almost reached 1.10 euros...

In practice, a medium-sized car with a 60-litre tank will fill up with 137.7 euros; if the owner chooses the 100, he must pay 143.7 euros.

The above prices for tank filling do not refer to... a truck but a passenger vehicle.

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