Greece in Colour - 1921 (VIDEO)

Greece in Colour 1921

Greece. Street scene. Bazaar or street market. Shops have canopies and goods hanging outside. Pedestrians mill around the street.

C/U of young boy turning shoes around to show the camera. They are coloured red with large pompoms attached. He turns them to show the soles which are studded. He smiles and looks shy. M/S of man in traditional dress looking at a display of shoes. He examines one of the shoes. C/U of the shoe being turned in the man's hands.

M/S of a dapper looking gentleman in ornate traditional dress. He stands with one foot up on a ledge and looks very serious. He has a large waxed moustache. C/U of the man showing his richly embroidered jacket. He smiles broadly. C/U of his hands as he plays with a rosary or worry beads.

M/S of four women in traditional dress. They wear embroidered dresses, head scarves and lots of necklaces. They hold hands. Closer view of two of the girls. C/U of one of the women. She looks very serious. She wears a patterned head scarf and necklaces made of coins.

M/S of two elderly man who wear traditional dress. C/U of one of the men. He is very wrinkled and wears a red head scarf. He drinks a glass of water. He turns towards the camera and drinks with relish.

C/U of the waist of the other man. He wears pleated trousers and a wide leather belt with straps and buckles. C/U of three women in traditional dress. They smile at the camera.

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