The actor Giannis Topalidis passed away

Giannis Topalidis

The actor Giannis Topalidis passed away a few days ago, as Spyros Bibilas announced  on social media.

The president of SEH, in his post on Facebook, says: "Our good, dignified and quiet colleague, Giannis Topalidis, passed away a few days ago, and unfortunately, we only learned about it yesterday, and it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to him. He was an adorable child, hardworking. For the brainless who writes, 'Spyros now has other jobs,' we inform them that unless someone close to the deceased informs us, we cannot know if a death has occurred. The SEH, the TASEI, cannot know even me personally at any time what might have happened. Have a good trip, my John."

Who was Giannis Topalidis?

He studied at the Grigoris Massala Drama School and the School of Structural Surveyors. He collaborated for 18 years with the "Evxino Club of Thessaloniki" in Pontic Theater performances.

He took part in the performances: "Broccoli and Cabbages, There Is a Pit in the Fava Bean" and "Caucalithres and Chitsiraula" directed by Harry Clynn, "The Funniest Lover" directed by Stathis Psaltis, "Little Piggy banks" directed by Spyros Mavidis, "Black comedy" in directed by Kostis Tsonou, "Small Towns" directed by Spyros Mavidis, "Hey, feast" and "The Wedding of Barba-Giorgos" directed by Evgenios Spatharis, "John the Forerunner" and "To Nou Dou tis Haras" directed by Costas Arzoglou, "A hero in slippers", "What are you looking at them, re" and ¨Ust operates" directed by Harry Clynn et al.

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