Crete: 82-year-old Paraskio and 41-year-old Kostis got married (VIDEO)


The 82-year-old Paraskio and the 41-year-old Kostis from the village of Krotos in the Municipality of Gortyna in Crete were united in the sacred bonds of marriage on Sunday afternoon.

The groom was waiting for the bride on the steps of the church while friends and relatives of the couple were present, according to Creta Post.

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Kostis and Paraskio are livestock breeders and live in the village of Krotos in the Municipality of Gortyna. They met during Kostis' stay in the village of Zaros.

"At first, my mind didn't go to Paraskio, but then as time passed and I got to know her better, something 'clicked' in me. Despite the age difference, I realised that I liked this woman," Kostis had emphasised in his statements at the beginning of August when their engagement was announced.

Unlike Kostis, who took the first step and persisted, Paraskio was more cautious.

"At first, I thought he was joking. 'It's inappropriate', I told him. But he persisted. I saw he meant what he said, so what should I do? I was convinced; I told him 'Yes', and since then, we have been together," she said.

The couple have had discussions about the future.

"Kostis told me that for various reasons, he doesn't want children either; he just wants us to have fun and hang out with each other, and everything he does from here on out is to have health and be well," said Paraskevi Lambrogiannakis, the full name of Paraskio.

"He's a good boy, he doesn't want to make me sad, and he's good-natured," she added.

A friend of the couple, Irini Fragiadaki, told Mega that it was "love at first sight."

"Here in Messara, we don't only produce the best agricultural products, we also produce love stories," she said, adding: " He worked on it in his mind for three years. "He worked on it in his mind for three years."

"He saw her every day at the coffee shop. He doesn't want too much... They came close because everything is a matter of communication," she concluded.

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