Pierce Brosnan in Leipsoi after his trip to Patmos

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan has been on vacation in Greece for the past few days.

After being in Kavala and Patmos, the Hollywood star visited Leipsos.

The 70-year-old actor, who was loved by the public through the role of James Bond, seems to be on a "tour" of the Greek islands. So far, he has travelled to Lesvos, Ios and Patmos with his wife and friends.

During his stay in Leipsos, Pierce Brosnan was photographed with one of the island's residents. Rena Paradeisis, as the woman is called, posted a photo with him on her personal Facebook account.

In the caption of her post, she wrote: "Good morning everyone, today I met the actor Pierce Brendon Brosnan on the street, who played James Bond. And I said, let's take a picture together. Not every day, we have famous actors on our island."

Check out her post:

At the beginning of the month, Brosnan was as an unexpected VIP guest at the Kavala airport in northern Greece. The Hollywood star, sporting a relaxed summer outfit and a Panama hat, delighted fans by graciously taking photos with them.

Brosnan, accompanied by his billionaire friend John Paul DeJoria, who is renowned for his involvement in the hair products industry and owning Patrón tequila, arrived in Kavala on September 3rd. The visit holds a special significance for DeJoria, as his mother comes from the city.

The duo, along with their spouses and two other friendly couples, had flown in from France on a private aircraft. Upon their arrival, they checked into the Imaret Hotel, where they intended to enjoy a stay before embarking on a sailing adventure in the North Aegean region.

Pierce Brosnan in Kavala credit Facebook Delyn Veaudry e1693932523548 1024x760 1

After Kavala, the star was spotted in Patmos. He arrived on a private flight at the Kavala airport and boarded a luxury yacht bound for the Aegean.

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