Themis Kanellos: "I will not pull out my nails or change my hair for military service"

Themis Kanellos

A short while after he went to the Athens Guards to get his discharge paper from the army, Themis Kanellos spoke on a TV show about his decision, as well as the clothes he chose to wear.

The former Big Brother contestant wore a khaki T-shirt reminiscent of a soldier's uniform to speak to "Super Katerina," where he initially said: "You see me in the military, don't complain. I'm not saying I can, but I won't sacrifice a year of my life to join the army."

"I wear these clothes because it's my style, so I dress either to go for a walk, go to a friend's house, or even go to the army. It is just cloth, it has no substance. I've been deferred again, this is my final to get the I5 and finish with this chapter of the army," he said.

He continued, saying: “I hate it so much I can't. It's something that worries me like a lot of guys out there. I got it and all is well. It's not something I'm comfortable with, there's nothing I could do in such a closed space full of toxic masculinity.

"And my psychiatrist when I went told me that the reasons you don't want to go are perfectly reasonable. Other than that I can't follow such strict rules.

"I can't change my appearance, pull my fingernails, change my hair, not wear whatever I want. I'm losing my identity and it's not something I'm willing to sacrifice on the altar of the country, where it sees me as a second-class citizen.

"I owe no one, I will not go to serve a country, which does not serve its citizens."

In his TikTok post, Themis Kanellos made his intention to get exoneration clear and posted two videos. The first shows a dress he chose to go to arrange for the discharge.

In one of the two clips, he arrived at the Athens Guards and can be heard saying, while showing the mini dress he chose with a corset in the middle: "Erdogan, come if you dare. I have now received the paper for the army and we are going to the army together."

Watch the video:


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He then posted another one from the time he was waiting in line, along with others. "I have come to be discharged from the army and I have been waiting for 1 hour standing up," wrote Themis Kanellos.


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Themis Kanellos became known through his participation in Big Brother and his public statements about homophobic attacks that he has received from time to time.

Themis Kanellos

Themis Kanellos

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