The Athens-Thessaloniki National Highway remains closed and flooded - Watch video

Athens Thessaloniki Highway

The National Highway Athens-Thessaloniki remains closed at the height of Larissa. However, the situation is improving as the waters recede.

As for the villages of the Thessalian plain, namely Karditsa, Trikala, Palamas, Farkadona, Domokos and Farsala, the waters are still gradually receding today, and the road axes are exposed. The road connection with all the villages except Keramidi of the Municipality of Farkadona has been restored.

The video of the National Road from above:

The residents who requested it have been removed from all the villages, while those who wanted it remain.

For the accommodation of the residents who were removed from their homes, special care has been taken with the provision of accommodation facilities of the municipalities or the Region and hotels in Larissa, Karditsa, Trikala and Kalambaka.

In all the villages, the Fire Brigade forces remain and continue to operate to provide assistance and pump water, as well as Army forces and Volunteer Groups to assist and transport supplies and medical material where necessary.

A special effort is being made to assist in the mountainous villages of Agrafa, Mouzaki and Kalambaka, where helicopters and ground forces of the Fire Brigade and the Army are available, by the needs of the Civil Protection of the Local Self-Government, act to transport supplies, medicines, patients, generators and materials.

Also, in the current phase, forces of the Fire Brigade of the Army and Voluntary Organizations continue to operate with ground and floating means in the areas of Yannoulis Worker's Housing in Larissa, where the water level is beginning to recede, in the villages of Tempi up to the Pinios Delta and in the Municipality of Killeler and especially in the plain of Lake Karlas.

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