People in flooded areas diagnosed with gastroenteritis, respiratory infections

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A total of 48 people in the regions of Larissa, Magnissia, Trikala, and Karditsa that experienced severe flooding were diagnosed with gastroenteritis and 65 with respiratory infections on Wednesday, the daily report said.

The diagnoses were made at the 26 National Health System centers in the above regions, where a total of 1,396 people came for examinations. There were 2 more cases of gastroenteritis than on Tuesday, and 41 more respiratory cases.

In the daily briefing at the Coordinating Operations Center in Larissa, Alternate Health Minister Irini Agapidaki also provided the lists of towns where water is safe to drink or not.

Indicatively, the water supply in Volos, southern Mt Pilio, and Palamas - all of which had severe issues in their infrastructure - is not safe for human consumption. 

Agapidaki said that insect inspections has become more intensive. 

In earlier statements, the minister had warned the public of health hazards in flood waters in homes, since the overflow carried dead animals and the threat of infections.

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