Mount Athos: Romanian monk beat 52-year-old Belarusian monk after getting drunk and arguing

Holy Monastery of Hilandar Mount Athos

A 35-year-old Romanian monk allegedly hit a 52-year-old Belarusian monk after the pair drank alcohol in a Mount Athos monastery and were referred to the Autonomous Three-member Misdemeanor Court.

According to the case file, as reported by Proto Thema, the incident happened on Sunday at 18:30 in the Serbian Orthodox Monastery Chilandar courtyard. Reportedly, the 35-year-old hit the 52-year-old with his feet, hands, and a plastic bottle.

The 52-year-old monk was initially taken to the Karion Health Centre for first aid. He was then taken to the Polygyros hospital, where he is still treated for facial injuries.

The victim has stated that he does not wish to prosecute the 35-year-old, while he did not request to be examined by a medical examiner.

The accused was taken to the public prosecutor, charged with causing grievous bodily harm and referred to be tried at the Automatic Three-member Misdemeanor Court.

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