Rhodes: A German couple threw a party and treated the whole village because they saved their house from the fires

Rhodes german couple

A German couple undertook a very beautiful and touching initiative to express their gratitude towards the residents of the village of Laerma in Rhodes, who a few weeks ago fought the flames together to put out the fire that was burning around their house.

According to the newspaper Rodiaki, Hans and Maria, who have chosen Rhodes as their second home and have been living on the island for the last 14 years, after together with the residents of the village they managed to save their house from the fires, invited everyone the Laerma to celebrate it.

"A touching and beautiful initiative by two wonderful people from Germany, Hans and Maria, who have been living in Laerma permanently for the last 14 years. They invited all Laermenians at their own expense to entertain them thanking them for helping to put out the fire last July around their house. Well done for them. There is still honour and humanity!” Archimandrite Nektarios Pokkias, Abbot of the I. Tharri Monastery of Rhodes, wrote about the Germans in his post on Facebook.

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