Corinna Tsopei: Miss Universe 1964 arrived in Greece - See the photos

Corinna Tsopei

Corinna Tsopei, the only Greek woman who ever won the title "Miss Universe" in 1964, will return to photoshoots shortly before turning 80.

Given her collaboration with Tryphon Samaras, for whose works she will be photographed, Corinna Tsopei arrived in Greece.

The hair stylist was at the airport to welcome his "muse" with a large bouquet.

Look at the pictures:

Earlier in September, Tryfonas Samaras announced via Instagram that the 79-year-old will be his model in his calendar for 2024. The hair stylist posted a series of old photos of her, expressing his excitement about their collaboration.

Check out the screenshots:

In 1964, Corinna Tsopei represented Greece in the Miss Universe beauty pageant, held in Miami, Florida. She won the title and became the first Greek woman to be crowned Miss Universe.

It was preceded by her crowning as Star Hellas, with Jenny Karezis giving her the winning ribbon and the audience applauding her enthusiastically. Later, she pursued an acting career and appeared in a few films such as 'A Man Called Horse' and 'Daniel Boone'.

In an earlier interview with People, Corinna Tsopei stated that she did not want the title of Star Hellas: "They gave me the title by force, because I had already made it clear that I was not interested in pursuing a career in either fashion or cinema. Even to Fino, whom I respected so much, I said 'no' a lot. I didn't have the acting in me. And one thing I wanted more: to go far away."

Regarding her experience in America, she had said: "The first image I had coming to America was the buildings: huge and towering, as if they reached the sky! And then... the people. Well-dressed women of all ages, dancing casually and laughing heartily, not caring about the comments. Couples enjoying the sun in the parks, children happy. A world alive, as I had seen it in the cinema when I was 8 years old and since then I have been praying to visit. One night I made my wish: 'Let's go to America'."

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