Evia: Panagiota of the heartbreaking photo from the 2021 fires saw her village sink into the mud


If a photograph has come close to the realistic depiction of Edvard Munch's painting The Scream, it is the one of Mrs Panagiota from the village of Gouves in Evia that went up in flames in 2021.

The image of the older woman breaking down at the sight of the great disaster went around the world two years ago. The photograph of Constantinos Tsakalides then captured the pain caused by the terrible fires that burned for days in Greece, destroying properties as well as lungs of green.

This photo was then chosen for their cover by the "Guardian", the "Financial Times", the "Daily Telegraph", the "Daily Mail", and even the "Times".

The sufferings of Mrs. Panagiota and her village in Evia did not end in 2021 since this year, a few days ago, the residents of Gouves were faced with yet another disaster. This time, Elias's lousy weather hit Northern Evia with fury, affecting the Gouves buried in the mud, among others.

E-Vima publishes a photo of Mrs Panagiota trying to collect what the bad weather left behind. In a photo published by the local media, she appears to be talking to the MP for Evia of the New Democracy, Thanasis Zebilis, about the new calamity that has befallen her village.


See the Gouves after the selection of bad weather Elias:

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TV Star.

The photo of Mrs. Panagiota in the 50 most important years of the century for Europe The Guardian hosted on its

Front page a few days ago a large photo album dedicated to "Europe's 50 years". In particular, the newspaper's European correspondent, Jon Henley and photo editor, Guy Lane, remember the important events of the last half-century through 24 photographs.

Two of them are from Greece. This is the moment with the despair that has been imprinted in the eyes of Mrs. Panagiota from the fires in Evia in 2021, as well as the moment when the tank tears down the gate of the Polytechnic on November 17, 1973.

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