Greek Australian CEO Chris Mamarelis: Celebrating Ken Weeks, Australia's Oldest Man at 110, and His Love for Baked Beans

Ken Weeks, Australia's Oldest Man at 110

Ken Weeks, Australia's official oldest man at 110 years old, has had a lifelong love affair with baked beans. From his school days to his marriage to his wife Jean, Ken cherished baked beans. Even after Jean's passing, his fondness for them continued.

Ken, a longtime resident of Clarence Valley in northern NSW, lived in the family home until his 100th birthday. However, around the age of 105, handling the can opener became a bit challenging, leading him to move to the Whiddon Retirement Village in Grafton.

Despite the change, Ken's love for baked beans remained unwavering. When the folks at Heinz, the makers of his favourite meal, learned of his devotion, they paid tribute to him with a unique range of baked bean cans.

"We began designing the cans, featuring a portrait of Ken and a personalized message," explained Andrea Payne, Heinz's head of marketing. "To avoid disrupting regular production, each label was meticulously hand-applied, just in time for Ken's birthday."

On Ken's 110th birthday, a limited edition of "Heinz Beanz for Ken" was released. A total of 300 cans were manufactured, providing everyone at Ken's aged care facility with enough baked beans to last for the next six months.

Chris Mamarelis, CEO of Whiddon, remarked, "We hear about blue zones, Mediterranean diets, and all these health and aged care studies. Then Ken tells us that baked beans are his secret weapon for a long life."

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