Approximately 300 Cypriots went to Jerusalem for a pilgrimage - Looking for return flights

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The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Tel Aviv has been on alert since Saturday, when Hamas launched an attack against Israel, according to the Ambassador of Cyprus in Israel, Cornelius Corneliou.

"It was a very difficult day that started very early with the first wave of missile attacks from the Gaza Strip to Israel. This situation continued until late," said Ambassador Corneliou in communication with CNA from Tel Aviv.

Regarding the Cypriots in Israel, Mr. Corneliou explained that there happened to be several dozen Cypriots in the country, either for medical, tourist, or other reasons, such as some who went to Israel for Bruno Mars' concert - which was eventually canceled due to the situation - while there were also around 300 Cypriots who went to Israel for a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

"It was a challenging exercise, but fortunately there were no Cypriots among the casualties or the injured," emphasized the Ambassador of Cyprus in Israel, explaining that some of the Cypriots have already returned to Cyprus. As he indicated, it is very important that Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv continues to operate, even though some airlines have either suspended or reduced their flights, which, as he mentioned, naturally creates difficulties in finding seats.


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