October 8, 1912: Greece liberates Lemnos from the Ottoman Empire

Battle of Lemnos

During the First Balkan War, the Greek Navy under Rear Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis, liberated the island Lemnos without any casualties from the occupying Turks.

The Battle of Lemnos took place between 6 and 8 October 1912 at the beginning of the First Balkan War, which started on 5 October 1912.

Battle of LemnosThis War began because the Ottomans refused to give in to the demands of Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro for the Christians to have the same rights as Muslim citizens.

On October 6, the Greek fleet led by the flagship Averof arrived at the port of Moudros, on the east side of the island of Lemnos in the north Aegean.

Rear Admiral Koundouriotis asked the Turkish Governor for the immediate surrender of the Turkish forces on the island.

The Turkish Governor asked for 24 hours so that he could communicate with Constantinople.

Rear Admiral Kountouriotis was informed that the Turks were preparing for battle and therefore he prepared for the overtaking of the island.

Due to bad weather, Greek soldiers did not land on Lemnos until October 8.

The soldiers were accompanied by the villagers holding ancient rifles, knives and Greek flags and Turkish forces surrendered without a fight.

Lemnos was finally free after 456 years of Ottoman oppression and occupation.

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