Athens carpark charges €22 for 37 minutes – Photo

Eleftherios venizelos athens airport carpark

We reveal to you the most expensive parking lot in Athens, with the driver paying gold for 37 minutes of parking... See the proof

A driver who parked his car in the short-term parking lot, the one located next to the taxi rank, in the arrivals area of ​​Eleftherios Venizelos Athens Airport, paid, as can be seen in the attached receipt, 22 euros for 37 minutes of parking!

The driver was informed by an employee of the airport, who was inside the parking area, that the first ten minutes were free and then the charge is one euro per minute, as if it were a long distance call charge from decades ago.

Of course, Athens airport also offers cheaper options, for example, the long-term parking point where the charge starts at 5 euros per day.

It is one euro more expensive than the cheapest corresponding airport parking lot in Europe, Francisco Sá Carneiro in Porto, Portugal, while the top spot for the most expensive parking lot belongs to the long-term parking lot at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany, where for one day of parking the charge reaches 26 euros.

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Photo Credit: News Auto.

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