Australian Tourists Stand Out in Summer Spending in Greece


Recently published data reveals that during the third quarter of 2022 (July, August, and September), Australian visitors demonstrated a remarkable trend in their vacation spending compared to tourists from other nations. On average, Australians spent €128.2 (approximately AU$188) per night during their stays, a significant contrast to the average of €83.3 (AU$121) spent by all tourists combined.

In this same period, visitors from the United States ranked second in terms of expenditure, with an average of €107.5, while Canadians came in third with an average of €104 per night.

Cruise travelers stood out with a median daily expenditure of €128.5. It's worth noting that cruise tourists often spend more time at each destination, aiming to make the most of their shorter stay. Data from the Bank of Greece, which conducts a monthly sample survey at key entry-exit points in the country, underscores that these spending variations are not nationality-based but rather related to travel habits.

Australian tourists consistently stand out by traveling greater distances and allocating more funds to their summer vacations compared to their counterparts in Europe, the United States, and Canada, even in the face of current economic challenges.

A recent study commissioned by Europ Assistance, the parent company of Australian travel insurance firm InsureandGo, delved into the attitudes and behaviors of travelers. For the first time, this study included the perspectives of Australian tourists, with 1000 Australian respondents participating.

The survey explored key elements such as the impact of inflation on travel choices, travel budgets, alterations in travel plans due to economic factors, typical vacation durations, and the desire to travel internationally.

Among the findings, less than a quarter (23%) of Australian respondents indicated that they would select a summer vacation destination closer to home due to inflation, compared to 27% of respondents from Europe, Canada, and the United States.

The study revealed that Australian respondents allocate an average of $4602 more to their summer vacations compared to their American ($4544), Canadian ($3633), and European ($3144) counterparts.

Jonathan Etkind, the Chief Commercial Officer of InsureandGo, noted, "Australians have traditionally been thought of as travel lovers. According to the research, travel remains a high priority for us, and inflation has only a minimal impact on our travel plans."

In contrast, the study found that 40% of Canadian and 37% of American respondents would forgo travel to save money this year, with Canadians being particularly budget-conscious. In contrast, less than a third (32%) of Australian respondents expressed a willingness to forgo their summer travel plans for financial reasons.

Australian travelers enjoy extended summer vacations, averaging 2.1 weeks, compared to 1.9 weeks in Europe, 1.8 weeks in Canada, and 1.6 weeks in the United States.

Etkind concluded that Australian travelers may allocate more funds because they aim to maximize their time at their chosen destinations, which often involves lengthy international flights. It's no surprise that airfares from Australia to international destinations constitute a significant portion of Australian travel budgets.

These travel patterns and preferences also apply to Greek-Australians traveling to Greece, as they face long flights and often meticulously plan their Mediterranean vacations well in advance. Nevertheless, the deep connection between Greek-Australians and their homeland is a primary reason they excel in terms of both time and money spent abroad among Australian travellers.

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