TUS Airways to carry out additional flights from Tel Aviv to Larnaca, Athens

Tus Airlines

TUS Airways announced on Monday that it is adding a “significant number of additional flights” between Tel Aviv and Larnaca while continuing its normal flight schedule.

It stated that seven additional flights will occur on Tuesday, a further five on Wednesday, two on Thursday and one on Friday.

Cyprus Airways said that their flight programme to and from Tel Aviv continues as scheduled. The company added that they are currently examining increasing the capacity of their flights.

The details of the additional flights announced by TUS Airways are as follows:

Tuesday 10th October

U8106 (from Larnaca at 10:20 to Tel Aviv at 11:20), U8116 (from Larnaca at 11:00 to Tel Aviv at 12:00), U8117 (from Tel Aviv at 19:15 to Larnaca at 20:15), U8212 (from Tel Aviv at 14:55 to Athens at 17:10), U82212 (from Tel Aviv at 13:00 to Athens at 15:15), U8213 (from Athens at 18:35 to Tel Aviv at 20:35) and U82213 (from Athens at 16:15 to Tel Aviv at 18:15).

Wednesday 11th October

U8108 (from Larnaca at 10:00 to Tel Aviv at 11:00), U82212 (from Tel Aviv at 12:00 to Athens at 14:15) U82213 (from Athens 15:15 to Tel Aviv at 17:15) U8117 (from Tel Aviv at 18:15 to Larnaca at 19:15) and U8109 (from Tel Aviv at 23:40 to Larnaca at 0040[+1]).

Thursday 12th October

U8108 (from Larnaca at 0700 to Tel Aviv at 08:00) and U8117 (from Tel Aviv at 22:20 to Larnaca at 23:20).

Friday 13th October

U8106 (from Larnaca at 09:45 to Tel Aviv at 10:45).

In addition, flight U8108 on Tuesday 10th October 2023 (from Larnaca at 12:55 to Tel Aviv at 13:55) will be brought forward due to operational reasons.

The press release concludes that TUS Airways will make more announcements throughout the week to advise of further extra services.

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