ATHENS: Palestinian protest at the Israeli embassy, flag burned (VIDEO)


A pro-Palestinian protest rally occurred in Athens on Friday night, with the demonstrators starting from Eleftherias Park at 18:00 and arriving at the Israeli embassy in Neo Psychiko.

Watch the video:

The security measures around the embassy were draconian.

The protesters, about 1,500 people according to the police, initially gathered in Eleftheria Park Holding placards and flags, demanding an end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip, which is under a tighter Israeli cordon following attacks by Hamas last weekend.

At the same time, the protestors burned an Israeli flag outside the embassy.

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Photos from Proto Thema.

Due to the protest, the Traffic Police proceeded with traffic regulations, closing the Kifisias - Katehaki junction.

Around 8:30 p.m., traffic was fully restored, with the upstream of Kifissias Avenue up to its junction with Katehaki Avenue and the upstream of Katehaki Avenue from its junction with Karatheodori Street being opened to traffic.

Vas. Sofias was also assigned to the traffic of vehicles.

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