Ramona Vladi on Sophia Hadjipanteli: "We give bread to people who don't deserve it"

Sophia Hadjipanteli, Ramona Vladi

Once again, Ramona Vladi received questions from the television crews regarding the position of Sophia Hadjipanteli in the jury of "My Style Rocks". And this time, the former fashion show actress lashed out at the model.

In a clip shown on "MEGA Good Morning", a reporter can be heard asking her: "With this appearance, you are being unfair for not being on a fashion reality show", with Ramona Vladi answering: "I know it, do you know it? You just pretend you don't know them."

She then referred to Sophia Hadjipanteli. "To go about what she's doing. This position on My Style Rocks belongs to a stylist. We feed and give bread to some people who don't deserve it," she said in an intense tone.

The feud between the two women is no stranger to entertainment shows. Sophia Hadjipanteli had responded to Ramona Vladi after her similar statements against her, which at the time targeted the plastic surgeries the model had.

"You know something; I'm pro-girls. I always speak well of everyone. I believe in karma a lot. Everything can be fake about me but my self is always authentic! There is nothing fake about me," answered Sophia Hadjipanteli.

See the video:

The statements of Ramona Vladi

Ramona Vladi commented on Sophia Hadjipanteli in "MEGA Good Morning" as follows: "She is a character who sells diversity with her eyebrows, which is not something we have never seen before and I don't know if they are hers too. She is a very pretty girl but she doesn't have model specifications. Models must be natural, because they are models of beauty. She can't judge since she is full of plastics."

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