Filippos Arvanitis describes how he went from being a YouTuber to adult entertainment star

Filippos Arvanitis

Filippos Arvanitis, introduced a few years ago as a "Power of Love" contestant, explained how he found himself from YouTube and gyms to starring in adult entertainment films.

A guest on "The 2night Show", he described how he started working professionally in erotic films.

He first talked about his participation in the reality dating show.

"I started on YouTube, I said since people recognise me, let's take advantage of it somehow. If things go well, I will turn into a trainer, and indeed that happened," he first said.

"I met a girl who told me about 'Power of Love'. She told me how much money they get weekly, and I said, 'Nice, it's handy since I'm unemployed'. I went to the casting, I went through everything, they didn't bother, and they just passed me by like that," he said.

On the erotic films, he continued, saying:

“A girl is involved again, after all. I had a fling in 2019. 2020, I've been dating her again, and she says, 'What are we going to do now?' after quarantine, everything had taken a dive professionally.

"I tell her in the middle of everything else, I will say it as casually as possible, that I was going to arrange for mature ladies to make our bread. I was between serious and funny.

"She took it a little more in cash, and a month later she called me and said, 'Come on, I might be able to help with what we were talking about.' At the time, I didn't understand.

"She arranged a meeting with the pink tape company. I said 'yes' because it wasn't the first time in my life that I thought about it.

"I've done between 20-30 films. A film is shot on the same day."

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