Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's Oxi Day Message to the Greek Community

Anthony Albanese's message for Orthodox Easter 2024

Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese extends a heartfelt message to the Greek community in honour of Oxi Day 2023.

In a touching message to mark the 83rd anniversary of Oxi Day, Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has expressed solidarity with Australia's Greek community. The message, which pays tribute to the bold assertion of sovereignty on October 28, 1940, highlights the historical significance of the day and commemorates the resilience and courage of the Greek people during World War II.

Oxi Day, also known as "No Day," holds a special place in Greek history, symbolising the unwavering determination to resist fascist forces during World War II. The day is a reminder of the Greek people's heroic stand for freedom and sovereignty.

Prime Minister Albanese's message emphasises the profound suffering that Greece endured during the Second World War. It acknowledges the Australian troops who fought alongside the Greek people in 1941, witnessing their immense courage while sharing in the sorrow of their struggle.

"We honour those who said 'no' to fascism," Prime Minister Albanese states, recognising the importance of standing against oppression and tyranny. This message serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of Oxi Day, which continues to inspire hope and resilience.

The Prime Minister's message also reflects on the significance of the wreaths and memorial services, as well as the shared histories and memories that keep the heroes of Oxi Day alive in our hearts. It is a moment to remember and pay homage to the sacrifices made by the Greek people in the pursuit of liberty and justice.


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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's Oxi Day Message to the Greek Community 1

Prime Minister Albanese reaffirms the values of peace and unity, emphasising that Oxi Day serves as a reminder that victory and justice are on the side of those who stand for peace and freedom.

This message from Australia's Prime Minister underscores the enduring bonds between the Australian and Greek communities and the shared commitment to upholding the principles of liberty and justice on this significant day. Oxi Day 2023 is not only a moment of remembrance but a celebration of the enduring spirit of those who fought for freedom and sovereignty.

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