Europe's Largest Regeneration Project Reshapes Athens

Europe's Largest Regeneration Project Reshapes Athens

BIG Designs Unique Residential Towers for Europe's Largest Urban Renewal Project in Greece

Athens, Greece - Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has unveiled a striking design for a major residential complex in Athens, Greece known as Park Rise. Commissioned by LAMDA Development, the project is a vital part of The Ellinikon, touted as "Europe's largest urban regeneration project" and described as a "smart city" being constructed from the ground up in Athens.

Park Rise will serve as the focal point of a new residential neighbourhood called Little Athens, nestled within the grand Ellinikon master plan. This innovative concept crafted by BIG will comprise 88 residential units distributed across five distinct building cores. Two of these cores will ascend to five floors, two to eight floors, and one soaring to an impressive 12 floors.

From an exterior perspective, the development stands out with its unique design, featuring a curved concave facade. BIG's architects describe it as a creative reinterpretation of the classic Greek column, infused with a soft, modern aesthetic. The facade incorporates off-white glass-reinforced concrete with exposed aggregates, offering a nod to the surrounding natural landscape.

Inside the residential units, a thoughtfully selected material palette reigns supreme. It includes Oakwood floors, neutral wall tones, and generous expanses of glass, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. Vertical surfaces within the units showcase flute patterns with smooth finishes on soffits and flooring, producing an elegant interplay of textures.

The Park Rise project is not the sole endeavour within The Ellinikon. Several notable architectural firms, including Foster + Partners, Kengo Kuma & Associates, Aedas, and Sasaki, are also contributing to the design of this self-proclaimed "sustainable, master-planned smart city." Located on the former site of Athens' international airport, this ambitious project will also incorporate Europe's largest coastal park, Greece's first residential skyscraper, and the country's most extensive commercial complex.

BIG's innovative design for Park Rise is set to transform the landscape of Athens as part of Europe's most extensive urban revitalisation project, promising a modern, eco-friendly community with unique and visually stunning residential towers.

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