"The Turkish flag will fly in Jerusalem and our enemies will weep," says popular Turkish Imam

Turkish Imam turkish flag

Turkish Imam Halil Konakçı, with 1.7 million Instagram followers, said that the Turkish flag will fly over Jerusalem and likened it to the conversion of Hagia Sophia Cathedral into a mosque.

We will often hear from the Islamic World about the effects of Western imperialism, but the majority of the Islamic World will not condemn Turkish imperialism - this is why they blame all their problems on a few decades of Western colonialism in the Middle East but say nothing about centuries of Ottoman rule, or more often than not, remember it positively.

Transcript: "Like the day Hagia Sophia was opened and you wept sweetly, hey enemies of Islam, I'm telling you, like you wept sweetly when Hagia Sophia was opened as a mosque, so will you also cry when our soldiers and police like lions will bring the Turkish flag into Jerusalem with shouts of victory."

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