Forbes on Ellinikon: Greece Will Soon Be Home To Europe’s Largest Coastal Park

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Those visiting Athens will soon have to add one more destination to their must-see list: Ellinikon, which, among other things, will host Europe's most extensive coastal park, effectively doubling Athens' green space, a Forbes article points out concerning the importance of the urban regeneration that is in total progress by Lamda Development.

According to the Forbes report, Greece is a nation adorned with monuments and classical antiquities, so it is difficult to imagine anything new in this bastion of antiquities. Still, Ellinikon will have a lot of new things to offer visitors.

In addition to Europe's largest coastal park, the Ellinikon development will include a beachfront hotel, the Mandarin Oriental, a 50-story residential tower, two shopping malls, a sports complex, casinos and a marina designed to accommodate large yachts.

Mohegan Entertainment ready to begin casino project in Hellinikon

The Forbes report highlights that just 25 minutes from Athens Airport and just 20 minutes from the Acropolis and downtown Athens, the revival of the Greek coastline from Ellinikon promises to transform the Athenian Riviera.

The author writes that the visionary behind this monumental project is Odisseas Athanasiou, the CEO of LAMDA Development.

Athanasiou and his team saw opportunity in neglected land in and around along the city’s coastline – land which was once home to the decommissioned Athens International Airport and also the site of the 2004 Olympic Games.

Says Athanasiou, “This place used to be 70% cement and soon it will be 70% green. It is going to change the whole microclimate of the area,." Forbes reports, citing statements by Odisseas Athanasiou.

"And, because we get to start from scratch, we can build a 15-minute city where you can be anywhere you need to be within 15 minutes."

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The article particularly emphasises that efforts are being made to reuse most of the demolition materials that remain on the site instead of being trucked off-site and disposed of elsewhere, as well as the project's LEED certifications during construction.

There is also a mention of the Ellinikon Experience Center and an Experience Park that give a glimpse of the upcoming project with interactive displays and features such as gardens, water mazes and a sustainable playground.

The Greeks share a fascinating history of creating timeless architecture that continues to amaze centuries later. The article states that Ellinikon promises to be a destination that future generations will enjoy, among other things.

"This is how the image of Greece abroad changes in practice. I am proud to have contributed to this most extensively," commented the Minister of Labour, Adonis Georgiadis.

It is noted that the Experience Park and the Experience Center are already the two new landmarks for the residents of the broader area of ​​the capital and our country and foreign visitors.

The Experience Park is the first part of Ellinikon Park, with a total area of ​​2 million square meters that will cover a third of the full development of Ellinikon; it was opened to the public at Christmas 2021 and to date has been visited by more than 2 million citizens.

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The Experience Center opened to the public in April 2022, is located inside the Experience Park and is one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced visitor centers, including an interactive exhibition that presents the innovations of Ellinikon's work.

It is housed in an area of ​​4,800 m², in one of three hangars of the Air Force, which the Ministry of Culture has designated as the newest monuments of Greek history.

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