Greece and India will ratify Cultural and Educational Exchange Program 2022-2026

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The positive sign of the Ratification of the Program of Cultural and Educational Exchanges between the Government of the Hellenic Republic and the Government of India for the years 2022-2026, which was discussed at yesterday's meeting of the Standing Committee on Educational Affairs of the Parliament, was emphasised by Christos Kellas, New Democracy Member of Parliament for Larissa.

The President of the Standing Committee on Educational Affairs of the Parliament, after referring to the tragic developments in the Middle East and emphasising that everyone's thoughts are on the civilians and, in particular, on the children, spoke about the benefits that the sanctioning of the said Program will have in empowering the ties of friendship between the two countries and deepening their cultural relations.

"There is no doubt that cultural and educational exchanges between Greece and India will only have a positive impact on our cultural diplomacy", said the politician from Larissa.

"The exchange of cultural goods regarding dance, theatre, archaeology, history, and literature, as well as the cooperation of the two countries in exhibitions, seminars, and conferences in the field of higher education and many other fields, is confident that it will enrich and develop the Greek culture and give a new impetus to our cultural relations with other countries, which is necessary," he added.

At the meeting of the Committee, which took place in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Culture, Mr. Christos Dimas, the bill's ratification was accepted in principle, which will be discussed today in the Plenary of the Parliament.

The Cultural and Educational Exchange Programme Between The Government of the Hellenic Republic and The Government of the Republic of India For The Years 2022-2026

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