Arrests of Afghan Migrants in Pakistan Intensifying

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A number of Afghan migrants in Pakistan say that detentions of Afghan migrants in the country has intensified as the interim government's November 1 deadline to expel the migrants approaches.

Meanwhile, the consulate of Islamic Emirate in Karachi, Pakistan says that from the start of the current month more than 120,000 Afghan migrants left Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Afghan migrants say that with the approach of Pakistan’s deadline, the detaining of Afghan migrants has increased in the country.

These migrants said that they are in a bad situation.

"Recently the Pakistani police are harassing Afghan migrants more than ever and police are looking for migrants in the towns,” said Bezhan Hussaini, an Afghan migrant in Pakistan.  

"Here in Pakistan, Afghan migrants are facing lots of issues and the police of this country enter the houses of migrants and after arresting them, take them to jail,” said

Mohammad Omaid, an Afghan migrant in Pakistan.

At the same time, the consulate of the Islamic Emirate in Karachi said that the persecution of Afghan migrants by Pakistan’s army is continuing.

According to Abdul Jabar Takhari, in the last month more than 120,000 Afghan migrants have left Pakistan.

"In this period more than 120,000 Afghan migrants left Pakistan and this process is continuing. We want the government of Pakistan to extend this process so the migrants are able to leave the country on a regular basis,” said Abdul Jabar Takhari, Consular of the Islamic Emirate in Karachi, Pakistan.

A number of activists of refugees' rights emphasized that the Islamic Emirate has to address the Afghan migrant’s situation in neighboring countries and the region.

"Afghan migrants in Pakistan are worried about their future and the government of Pakistan should treat them based on international migration law with Afghan migrants,” said Mir Ahmad Raoofi, a migrants' rights activist in Pakistan.

The Consulate General of the Islamic Emirate in Karachi also reported that more than 1,000 Afghan refugees are currently imprisoned in Pakistani prisons and more than 500 others have been released from prison.


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