Teenage girl injured and arrested during clashes between police and rioters in Neo Iraklio and Exarchia

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Violent clashes between police and unidentified individuals erupted on Saturday evening following an anti-fascist concert at Theatraki in Neo Iraklio, during which a 16-year-old girl sustained a head injury and had to be rushed to hospital.

According to the Hellenic Police announcement on Sunday, at 20:15 on Saturday evening, a group of approximately 50 people armed with stones and bottles violently attacked a Crime Prevention and Prosecution Unit (OPKE) who were seeking the culprits of an attack on a shop in which two people were injured.

The group dispersed almost at once, without police use of riot-dispersal means (tear gas), while the attackers had their faces concealed.

As the assailants withdrew, according to the announcement, the police saw that a woman in black clothes, gloves, a surgical mask and a hood was fallen on the ground and appeared to have sustained a head injury.

As police were trying to give first aid, a group of 100-150 individuals with their faces covered, armed with clubs and other objects, renewed their attack on the police unit and inflicted extensive damage on two police vehicles, injuring two police officers.

In response to this new attack, the police made use of "appropriate means", and the attackers fled, the announcement said, while an ambulance was called and the injured 16-year-old was taken to hospital under police escort.

The girl was arrested for her part in the attack and then temporarily released by order of the public prosecutor. She has been admitted to hospital after she was first examined by a police doctor.

Violence also later erupted in central Athens, at around 2:40 in the morning, when about 80 people armed with stones, petrol bombs and other objects attacked MAT riot police stationed in Exarchia Square and set fire to bins at the junction of Benaki and Solonos Streets to use as a barricade.

Police again responded with the use of tear gas and peace was restored at about 3:30. Three petrol bombs that failed to explode were retrieved from the scene.

According to the announcement, a preliminary inquiry into the incidents will be carried out by the State Security sub-directorate and a preliminary administrative inquiry has also been ordered.

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