The Freddo Cappuccino and Freddo Espresso

freddo cappuccino

In the 1990s, the Freddo cappuccino emerged as a close relative to the cafe frappé, setting itself apart by using fresh espresso as its base rather than instant coffee.

A fredo cappuccino is created by expertly combining two shots of strong espresso, brewed from fresh Arabica beans, which are popular in Greece, with a touch of ice in a beverage mixer.

For those with a penchant for sweeter coffee, sugar is an optional addition. True to its name, which means "cold" in Italian, the mixture is then poured over ice. The final touch is a cold, frothed milk foam, known as afrogala, delicately placed on top. And there you have it: a Freddo cappuccino.

The delightful blend of its bold flavour and refreshing chill makes it an ideal choice for Greece's year-round warm and sunny climate. While this is the classic version available in most cafeterias or Greek cafes, you can occasionally request a variation known as the Freddo flat white. This rendition features cold, non-aerated milk as its base, with a layer of aerated espresso on top, served chilled but not over ice.

Is a Freddo Cappuccino the Same as a Freddo Espresso?

Although the Freddo cappuccino and the Freddo espresso share the same basic preparation process, they are not identical twins. To create a Freddo espresso, the barista also begins with a hot double shot of espresso in a drink mixer. However, instead of adding milk, they create a blended froth using only espresso, ice, and sugar. The result is an exceptionally bold and robust beverage that allows you to savour the full espresso flavour without the mellowing influence of milk.

In essence, you can consider the Freddo cappuccino as an enhanced version of the Freddo espresso, as it essentially incorporates the latter with the addition of cold milk foam. Nonetheless, the distinctions in texture and taste between these two drinks are substantial enough that they are considered entirely unique in Greece.

Regarding enhancing flavours, milk is not the only ingredient that can be added to a Freddo espresso-based drink. Enthusiasts have been known to incorporate vanilla and even a hint of liquor into these beverages. This unique combination is believed to unlock a whole new taste level in the drinks. Whether you can try these variations at home or in a genuine Greek cafeteria, it's definitely an idea worth exploring!

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