Darius and Xerxes against ancient Greece, the Mullahs against Israel - Hamas’s ideology and Iran

Declaration of the State of Israel (1948) greece

Persia, 2,500 years ago, tried to wipe ancient Greece off the map, and Iran now aims at Israel.

“Stand against Hamas’ terror or stand with them” was the title of an article in New York Daily News a few days ago. It is precisely like this. In the wake of Hamas’s recent terror attack on Israel, it’s clear that Hamas’s ultimate goal is to commit again genocide against the Jewish people. It openly wants to do it, as is written in its founding documents.

IDF, Mossad, and Shin Bet were focused on individual terrorism in the West Bank. That was a fatal mistake. To gather intelligence is an art, but to gather intelligence from the Arabs is on another level. What comes to my mind on this are some words by a Greek-French philosopher: “[The Arabs] present themselves as History’s eternal victims” (Cornelius Castoriadis, 1991).

We need to look at history and a particular letter by Stuart Gottlieb — a professor who teaches at Columbia University — to the New York Times (NYT). Re “The Yom Kippur War Led to Peace. This One Can, Too,” by Bret Stephens (column, Oct. 9): The 1973 Yom Kippur War led to peace because the parties involved recognised and accepted a new status quo in the Middle East. In 1967, Israel upended the status quo with a stunning military victory, including the seizure of the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt. The 1973 war showed that Egypt, Israel’s most powerful neighbour, was never going to accept that outcome. Ultimately, the 1978 Camp David Accords traded land (Sinai) for peace.

What is different now? He points it out: Iran!

It makes all the difference in its support for Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and other smaller hate groups. “Iran supports the Palestinian cause itself,” Gottlieb notes. At this point, we can mention that the Wall Street Journal saw clear involvement in planning the attack on Israel over several weeks. The NYT could not find clear evidence of this, and the attack surprised the Iranian leaders, it wrote. But even if there was no clear evidence of involvement this time, Iran has helped Hamas for years with plenty of cash and guns.

The writer of the letter — which should have been published as an article on its own because of its value — saw the broader designs of Iran to become the region’s hegemon in economic and military terms. Thus, the Gaza attack can be traced to Tehran’s panic over progress made between Israel and Saudi Arabia on a “normalisation” agreement.

For sure, the conditions in the Gaza Strip are bad, and the horror that has unfolded was a predictable result, someone could argue. Hamas and other factors have made Gaza a kind of prison, but again, being in prison does not mean that Hamas, or anyone, has the right to slaughter kids and women, to kidnap, rape, and take hostages. The only thing visible from this is that Hamas has a genocidal ideology, and its ultimate goal is to commit genocide against the Jewish people. Sadly, they do have that goal. Iran’s president has said before that Iran wants Israel to be wiped off the map.

Is a Palestinian state possible after all this catastrophe to end the constant bloodshed? Israel needs to restart land for peace negotiations with the Palestinians. Of course, these land-for-peace solutions could work if Iran is out of the picture as a supporting point.

Thus, ways must be found to diminish the power of Iran, which always supports the “forces of chaos.” The Palestinians have become “forces of chaos,” too, without a state! Iran threatens Israel. The problem remaining is who gets the job of getting rid of Iran, how it should be done, at what cost, and who pays.

Persia, 2,500 years ago, tried to wipe ancient Greece off the map, and it now aims at Israel—Darius and Xerxes then, the Mullahs now.

In conclusion, peace and reconciliation must be the only way forward for the Holy Land. The terrorists of Hamas terrorised a nation, and this cannot be forgotten easily or ignored. How can you forget when you see Hamas and Iran making Adolf Hitler proud with their evil actions? How can you forget if someone plans genocide for you?

And what is very sad, as the U.S. secretary of state, Antony J. Blinken, has revealed, is that a Holocaust survivor in a wheelchair was dragged into Gaza and taken hostage. 1,400 dead now, six million dead before. Thus, in these days, we are with Israel. Solidarity with Israel — we are all Jews!

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