EIT head Martin Kern: Students and startups in Greece can take part in European programmes

Martin Kern

The head of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), Martin Kern, in an interview with AMNA's Praktoreio 104.9 FM on Sunday, said that Greece has already launched its efforts via a regional innovation plan of EIT, the EIT Manufacturing, for all the companies, students, start-ups in Greece to be able to use these interconnections and to take part in European programmes.

Kern explained that even if, at the start of these efforts, Greece did not take part in the EIT's plans, now it is there. He also noted that one of the newer innovation communities, EIT Manufacturing, has created Greece's hub in the city of Athens, meaning that now a new potential for a more robust participation in various EIT activities exists.

Referring to the country's talent pool, he noted that the construction sector is where EIT 'sees' strong participation from the universities from business partners.

The head of EIT explained that the new technology executives are "the talents that will create the future companies and will lead innovation to the future. EIT hopes that it will offer a direct contribution, especially concerning the field of new technologies".

Asked on the next day of the European innovation, Kern said he bets on the...young of Europe. "Especially, the young people show high interest and major concern for the future and the impact of the climate change that will affect the whole planet".


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