BREAKING: Jewish man killed in Los Angeles at an anti-Israel protest


The 65-y-old Jewish man Paul Kessler has died after having been hit in the head by an anti-Israel protester in West Lake Village (next to Los Angeles)

According to Israeli media, Ynet news, an elderly Jewish pro-Israeli activist was beaten to death in Los Angeles by a pro-Hamas activist with a megaphone.

The injured man fell to the ground bleeding and was rushed to the hospital.

The victim was evacuated to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Local Los Angeles law enforcement confirmed late Monday that the Jewish man's death was caused due to a brain hemorrhage.

The incident was filmed on the attacker's mobile device and has been seized by local police as evidence in their investigation into the incident.

While the police have confirmed the case was being looked into, they haven't provided further details at this time, including whether the suspect has been arrested.

In the photo, you can see the dead Jewish man after he was murdered by a pro-Hamas demonstrator.

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