CHANIA: The Greek National Football Team Museum is a MUST visit

Greek National Football Team Museum Crete Chania

The Greek National Football Team Museum is housed in a building of the Municipality of Chania. It is the only museum in Greece for the "official" favourite of the Greeks.

In this wonderful museum in Chania, the history of the National Football Team comes to life with hundreds of items related to the National Team.

There are jerseys and balls from great matches, but dominant among them is the copy of the European Cup won by Greece in 2004 in Portugal.

Visitors can admire the history of our National Team, in over 2,000 exhibits and 400 national team jerseys, which they will not find anywhere else, as the museum is the only one of its kind.

Jerseys, banners, scarves, shoes, books, rare signatures and of course, the "honoured" of 2004... all dedicated to the fan of our national team and who follows the blue and white everywhere.

The Panhellenic Association of Friends of National Greece "Blue and White Lighthouse", with great effort, has succeeded in 16 years in collecting a large number of exhibits and creating in Chania, the Greek National Football Team Museum.

The museum is located in the heart of the old town of Chania, on Tsouderon Street, no. 40, and entry is free.

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