FM Gerapetritis outlines 6 principles in Greek-Turkish relations

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There are six basic principles concerning rapprochement with Turkey, said Greek Foreign Affairs Minister George Gerapetritis on Tuesday, addressing the 'Ellada Meta VII'conference held in Athens by the 'Kyklos Ideon' (Circle of Ideas) think tank under the thematic title 'Asymmetries & National Agenda'.

First, Gerapetritis said, geography has placed the two countries in close proximity, which is something that "we cannot change, so we ought to handle it," therefore "we should be discussing issues with our neighbours."

International Law is the second principle, he added, noting that "if you use International Law selectively when international disputes arise, at some point, you will find yourself facing your own history," but "if you are consistent with the application of International Law - sooner or later you will be vindicated."

Issues relating to national sovereignty are off the agenda, he noted as the third principle, "as an issue concerning national sovereignty will never be discussed, namely issues that have to do with a unilateral decision by Greece."

"We must have safety valves for decompression, so that every time a disagreement arises it should not result in tension and/or a crisis," he noted as principle number four, adding that "this I feel we have achieved to a good extent," and that "maybe sometimes the two ministers need to talk more," even if it concerns issues "of minor policy or importance."

Fifth in order is the fact that "the long period of quietness which we have been experiencing for about ten months, is in itself a conquest. It's something that was not a given."

Finally, Gerapetritis emphasised that, in his opinion, "peace and prosperity are not promoted by inaction; they are promoted by equanimity and bravery in the decisions one makes."

'Middle East crisis could have a positive effect on Greek-Turkish relations, says Dep. FM Papadopoulou

The crisis in the Middle East could have a positive effect on Greek-Turkish relations, noted Greek Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Alexandra Papadopoulou on Tuesday, speaking at the 'Ellada Meta VII' (Greece Meta VII) conference held in Athens by the 'Kyklos Ideon' (Circle of Ideas) think tank under the thematic title 'Asymmetries & National Agenda'.

In contrast to some media reports that claim quite the opposite, she added, "Greece and Türkiye have a common interest, this being that they cannot live in a region that is explosive." This, she added, stands "regardless of the different approaches, the different goals, the different worldviews they may have."

With this explosive situation in the Middle East "concerning both of us, we both have every interest in this crisis not acquiring any broader dimensions."

The Greek-Turkish dialogue, she underlined, is a specific process in and of itself, one which does not bear fruit immediately. The upcoming Greece-Türkiye Supreme Cooperation Council (scheduled for December 7 in Thessaloniki) is "a positive event where the two governments will discuss, together, issues of common interest and common challenges - such as the migration issue", she pointed out.

Natural disasters and climate change is another pressing matter that should be dealt with jointly by the two countries, she also asserted.

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