Archbishop of America: It is indispensable task to preserve Greek educational institutions

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The annual educational conference organized jointly by the District Office of Education, the Office of Greek Education, and the High Council for Greek Education took place on November 7, 2023. Hosted with warm hospitality by the Hellenic Orthodox Community of Astoria St. Demetrios, this event garnered considerable attention from educators in various Day and afternoon school programs, drawing a robust gathering of over 150 teachers.

The presence of esteemed guests, including Dr. Eleni Griva and Dr. Eleni Korosidou from the University of Western Macedonia, Greece, added scholarly significance to the proceedings.

The participation of Archbishop Elpidophoros of America, who addressed both Greek language teachers and Day School educators, marked a poignant moment in the event. Archbishop Elpidophoros emphasized the indispensable task of preserving Greek educational institutions and illuminated the inclusive ethos inherent in these schools and parishes. He affirmed the unwavering commitment to welcoming children who share Christian values, emphasizing the preparation of students to engage with diversity and embrace acceptance in the wider world.

The event served as a platform for educators to convene, celebrate their shared values, and reaffirm their dedication to delivering quality education and fostering an inclusive educational experience for all. Archbishop Elpidophoros’s poignant statement, “Our students will be more prepared to venture out into the world because we have taught them the importance of being welcoming and accepting of others,” resonated with the attendees, emphasizing the far-reaching impact of our schools.

The 2023 Annual Educational Conference stands as a testament to the commitment of the Greek educational community to nurture excellence and inclusivity in their academic endeavours. The collaborative efforts of the District Office of Education, the Office of Greek Education, and the High Council for Greek Education, coupled with the wisdom and insight shared by distinguished guests, exemplify our school’s dedication to providing students with a strong foundation in education, enriched by the values of inclusivity and cultural preservation.

As educators continue to champion these principles, the future of Greek education remains promising, with students better equipped to navigate a diverse and interconnected world, reflecting the lessons learned from this significant conference.

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