Kenyan Runner Edwin Kiprop Kiptoo Shatters Records to Win 40th Athens Road Marathon

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Kenyan athlete Edwin Kiprop Kiptoo emerged victorious in the 40th Athens Road Marathon, an iconic race that took place in the heart of Greece's capital city. Making a grand entrance at the Kallimarmaro stadium, Kipto was greeted by the thunderous applause of thousands of spectators eagerly awaiting the first finisher and the remarkable athletes who participated in this historic event.

Kipto clinched the title and set a new course record, completing the gruelling 42.195-kilometre distance in an astonishing time of 2 hours, 10 minutes, and 34 seconds. His exceptional performance showcased his immense talent, determination, and passion for the sport. Following closely behind Kipto, Kilimo secured the second position, while Kitsana secured third place in this fiercely competitive race.

Expressing his gratitude, Kipto thanked the organizers for extending the invitation to participate in this prestigious event. He also expressed appreciation for the unwavering support of his family, without whom this achievement would not have been possible. Clearly, Kipto's victory had come as a surprise, as he admitted to not being adequately prepared for the race. However, his relentless spirit and unwavering perseverance pushed him to cross the finish line victoriously and surpass all expectations.

The triumph of Kipto adds yet another glorious chapter to the rich history of the Athens Road Marathon, a race deeply rooted in tradition and excellence.

With this notable accomplishment under his belt, Kipto has etched his name in the annals of marathon running, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the world of athletics. As his first words upon victory resonated, "I wasn't well prepared, I didn't expect to break the record. I pushed a lot, and I succeeded," Kipto exemplifies the essence of a true champion who defies all odds to emerge victorious.
Panagiotis Karaiskos was the first Greek who finished first in the Athens Marathon.

The old racecourse record of 2:10.37 was set nine years ago by Felix Kipchirchir Kandie from Kenya.

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