Macquarie University to Discontinue Modern Greek Studies: A Major Setback for Language Education

Modern Greek Studies in Australia

The efforts to maintain the presence of Modern Greek studies at the tertiary level have suffered another significant setback, as Macquarie University has declared its intention to discontinue Modern Greek starting next year.

Modern Greek Studies at Macquarie University has faced various challenges, with the most recent occurring three years ago when Modern Greek was downgraded from a major to a minor but was later reinstated as a major in 2022.

This latest proposal represents a more permanent change, reflecting a significant shift in the university's approach to language studies.

The Macquarie Greek Studies Foundation's announcement of this decision revealed that they are considering discontinuing several languages, including Modern Greek, Croatian, German, Italian, and Russian. This aligns with their plan to move away from the Languages and Cultures discipline and establish a Discipline of Global Studies.

Mr Premetis expressed his dissatisfaction with this proposal, pointing out that the department has performed well despite facing significant challenges in recent years. He noted that they had 57 enrollments this year, a commendable figure, especially considering the impact of COVID-19 and the previous attempt to downgrade Modern Greek studies.

The Foundation emphasized actively collaborating with legal and higher education experts to respond comprehensively to these changes. They are deeply concerned about the future of Modern Greek Studies at Macquarie University and are determined to explore all possible options to ensure its continuation.

In the past, Modern Greek studies successfully defended its existence with the collective support of the Foundation, students, and the broader community. The question is whether it can do so again, facing an even more significant threat that seeks to eliminate it permanently.

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