How Turkish media commented on Erdoğan's statement in Berlin about the Holocaust

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Turkey's pro-government media is overwhelmingly focused, the day after the Turkish president's visit to Berlin, on the statement Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made before the German chancellor - that Turkey is not historically indebted to Israel because it does not carry the burden of the Holocaust and, therefore, can speak freely.

The pro-government Sabah, Turkiye, Hürriyet, and Akşam newspapers feature Erdoğan's Holocaust references with front-page headlines such as 'We have no Holocaust in our past', 'Those who owe Israel cannot speak freely' and 'If we remain silent we will not we will be able to apologise before History".

They even surround their publications with aggressive reports that he made this statement "looking Scholz in the eye".

The pro-government Yeni Şafak chose to show as a central theme the videos and announcements of the Israeli army about the military operations in Gaza under the characteristic title "Goebbels' grandchildren".

At the same time, Milliyet more measuredly refers to the statement on the Holocaust during the visit but downgraded with a central headline: "Erdoğan's tough message to the West from Berlin: Why don't you see Gaza?".

The two major opposition newspapers close to the Republican People's Party (CHP), Cumhuriyet and Sözcü, did not mention Erdoğan's visit to Germany on their front pages.

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